Mois: janvier 2015

The sports luxe look : Go Red Sox

Hello my darlings, I don’t know if it is only me or what, but since I am on Snapchat I always watch some USA sport videos and evens. It just make me wanna go to some of this great evens. I don’t know anything about it but at least if I go to some American Football, Basketball or Baseball game I want to be ready, I want my fashion to be on point. I am not really found of classic sportswear outfit so I decided to make a little collage of what I would wear if I go to a baseball match with one of the baseball hats from Fanatics. Which team I choose ? Well since I heard about the Green Monster « Stadium » so often from my American friends, plus I think Boston is just a friendly place for party, this will be about the Boston Red Sox team.  (If you are Yankee-friendly no offense Ok, I still love you my dear New Yorkian reader). Publicités

Review : Honestskin Giftbox Haul part 2

Hi darlings, Today comes the second part of my giftbox haul review from Honestskin. The first part (here) was dedicated to makeup, but this part  is more about skincare, even if there is one lipistick product(haha). Aujoud’hui je vous livre la suite de ce qu’il y avait dans le gift box de Honestskin. La 1er partie (ici) était tournée vers le maquillage alors que là il s’agit plutôt de produits soins, même s’il y a un produit pour les lèvres (hahaha).

Battle Review : Etude House vs Yves Rocher

Hi lovelies, I have some special review for you today. As you can say from the title of this article I’ll be reviewing products from 2 differents brands. I am sure you all know Etude House, the famous korean beauty brand. I am less sure if you know Yves Rochers, this one is a great French beauty brand as well. Both of them provide  good quality cosmetics and products. The only difference I would say it that Etude House plays on the girly/princess side, when Yves Rocher is more green, promote the use of natural products  for your well-being and can be use buy woman of all ages. – most of the time when I go to an Yves Rocher store, this is not rare to see Oba-chan and very fashinable ladies – J’ai une review toute spéciale pour vous aujourd’hui. Vous l’avez surement deviné en lisant le titre, il s’agit d’une review battle où je vais faire s’affronter 2 marques. Je pense que vous connaissez déjà la marque coréenne super célèbre et girly Etude …

Review : Yves Rocher Quatuor poudre couleur somptueuse

Hello my darlings, J’ai eu la chance de tester beaucoup de produits Yves Rocher dernièrement et j’ai décidé de vous parler de deux palettes de la collection Quatuor Poudre couleur somptueuse palette, la N°5  Rose Somptieux et la N°6 Brun Incandescent. Je vous l’annonce déjà sans plus attendre, j’aurais du prendre plus de ces palettes !! I had the chance to try a lot of Yves Rocher products recently and I chose 2 of there Quatuor Poudre couleur somptueuse palette, the N°5  Rose Somptieux and N°6 Brun Incandescent. I can already told you, I should have take more of these palette !!

Review : Kiko my 3 favorite automn lipsticks

Hello little beautiful monsters, you know what; I don’t like autumn, I never know what to wear. In the morning it is freezing outside, and then the afternoon it’s quite like a spring weather. I don’t really know what to wear, a coat, a simple jacket, a mini skirt…. But if in term of clothes this season is so complicate for me, when it comes to wear lippies I totally rock ! I love wearing lipsticks and a new season is always a great excuse to buy new lipsticks – you know what i mean right -. So today let me present you my 3 favorites lipsticks for this autumn -fall- season that I’ve got from Kiko Luscious Cream collection.  Vous savez quoi je déteste l’automne, je ne sais jamais quoi porter. Le matin il fait super froid et en début d’après midi on se croirait au revenue au printemps.  Je ne sais pas si je dois sortir ma grosse veste, juste un gilet, une mini jupe ou je ne sais quoi…. Mais même si …

Review :Maybelline Color Elixir

Aloa, The last time I made a Drugstore product review … it was 3 months before. I don’t know why because there are most of the time inexpensive (most of the time…) and we all have our fav drugstore which sells beauty product at a low price. Mine is a German drugstore called dm. Yeah I know all the French girls out there who are living near Germany know what I am talking about. And here is a TIP for you if you plan to visit Europe… Well how to say that… don’t buy drugstore makeup in France, but them in Germany because even L’Oreal products are cheaper in Germany -don’t ask me why-.  Now let’s jump into the review. La dernière fois que j’ai fait une review sur un produit maquillage grande surface ?… ça fait longtemps au moins 3 mois. D’ailleurs je me demande bien pourquoi alors qu’ils sont plutôt pas chers (la plus part du temps….) Nous avons toutes notre magasin chouchou en la matière qui arrive a proposer des prix défiant …